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Practice Areas

Business + Corporate

Whether your business is a start-up, emerging, or firmly established, we can help. As a former executive with Fortune 500 and private companies, and subsequently a commercial attorney who has advised many companies, Lorrie can provide guidance in navigating the business space, including:

• Business planning and strategic advice

• Company formation and governance

• Manufacturing and co-packing 

• Supply chain and procurement

• Joint venture and partnerships

• Employment and consulting arrangements

• Succession planning and exit strategies

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Business + Corporate
Pharma + Medical Devices

The pharma industry researches, develops, and distributes medicines to cure, treat, or prevent diseases and conditions. The medical device industry makes a wide variety of products, ranging from surgical gloves to artificial joints to imaging equipment, which can improve the ability to diagnose and treat illness. Both pharma and medical device industries play a crucial role in developing products that meet the diverse needs of patients.

As a former executive who managed multimillion-dollar global product portfolios for world class companies, and subsequently an attorney who has advised multi-stage medical technology companies, Lorrie can help you navigate the pharma and medical device spaces.

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Pharma + Medical Devices
Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is continuing to evolve, and consumers are looking for more transparency in the products they use. CPG companies are often tasked with developing and launching innovative products, while implementing green, health-conscious initiatives to meet consumer demand.

As a former executive with Nestle Foods USA, and subsequently a principal attorney for a nationally recognized CPG accelerator, Lorrie can provide your company with guidance in navigating the CPG terrain, including:

• Ingredients and nutrition

• Product labeling

• Package design

• Advertising and promotion

• Manufacturing and handling facilities

• Supply chain and procurement

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Consumer Packaged Goods
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